Laurence Airline is a menswear label based between Abidjan and Paris. Their entire line is made at their workshop in Ivory Coast, where local people are trained to produce high quality garments.

Tell our readers a bit about yourself and your work

I am a graduate from the French fashion school Studio Berçot. At the beginning, I was living in Paris and started to work for Mlle Agnes and Louis Vuitton. During that time I was offered the opportunity to create a small collection in cooperation with a factory in Ivory Coast. Initially, I was supposed to stay a month but ended up staying for 6 months creating my first clothing line for women. And that’s how it all began…

What’s your creative process?

We do not reveal our cooking recipes…

What’s your fashion philosophy – i.e. ethical and/or sustainable fashion?

We aspire to create valuable products by using materials with a real story to tell. We are careful of our impact on the environment and make sure the relationship between everyone and everything involved in the process is good.

What’s your advice to aspiring designers?

Surround yourself with bright and competent people! Also, always strive to stay consistent in what you are trying to accomplish.

In your opinion what are some of the challenges facing the fashion industry in Africa?

Africa fails to provide aspiring designers with adequate training in all areas of fashion and clothing. Furthermore, it is an incredibly challenging task to enhance the wonderful local craft workwhile establishing a sustainable fashion industry.

How do you give back to the community?

We create jobs in Africa, provide training and collaborate with locals.

What’s your price range?

$109.29 – $780.65

Where can we see more of your work?

Visit us online at