Showroom 67 has sole representation and distribution rights in Australasia for some of Africa's established and freshest high-end fashion brands and contemporary artists. 

Our Showroom sells to Independent boutiques, high fashion department stores and private collectors and galleries. 

Showroom 67 works with brands to develop their Australasian distribution channels by working closely with media, editors, bloggers, stockists and buyers. We build a clear understanding of the brands and artists we represent, then build both a strong sales and distribution platform for their work to ensure sustainable growth.



  • Brand development – discover, nurture and introduce talent internationally, working across the entire spectrum of sales, consultancy, PR and branding.
  • Brand representation – assist brands develop business partnerships with the best retailers, buyers, galleries and collectors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.
  • Market research and sales consultancy – provide local and international market insights to assist brands gain sustainable growth. 
  • Bespoke sales strategies – develop targeted strategises aligned to brands’core philosophies to maximise growth and brands integrity.
  • Press and media consultancy – creating strong brand visibility, increasing customer loyalty and fostering public relations.
  • Events management – curating innovative fashion events including runway shows, art installations, presentations and pop-up events.